Power Gained by Increment

Before a problem can be solved, its existence must first be noticed and properly acknowledged.  Only when exposed to the light of day can its causes, and the players involved, be discovered.  However, when a problem evolves slowly it often goes undetected, or its progression is merely tolerated as bothersome.  People have a way of accepting and accommodating each stage of minor social inconvenience, often unaware of the cumulative long-term effects.  As such, they are vulnerable to abuse by those looking to take advantage.

Unfortunately, the human propensity to ignore or adapt to small disturbances over time allows organized nefarious players to implement undesirable changes on society through “incrementalization”.   Incrementalization is Gradualism, (also called the “Hegelian Dialectical Process” of consensus-getting), the almost imperceptible cascading effects of an initial action; the resulting reaction (opposition); a general acquiescence; and then total acceptance by a population.  Repeating over time, each step compounds on the one preceding it.  The intended outcome (that otherwise would be deemed unacceptable by the populace if delivered as a full package at the outset) is achieved.

Significant change can be instituted, almost undetected in this way.  Each isolated increment of change made can be justified as something needed, and as such appears logical. Of significant note is the fact that positive change does not need to employ these types of deceptions.  It is a tool:  “incrementalization of the undesirable”.

In the aftermath of historical atrocities, onlookers are shocked at what tyrants were able to pull off by using this technique.  A tool surreptitiously deployed until full power is gained, then switching to military control.

An alert and well informed population that is politically engaged and able to think critically, combined with a properly functioning media, are paramount to ensure democracies prevail and undesirable situations are kept in check.  The importance lies in noticing the problem, acknowledging it, exposing the players, and fixing issues as soon as possible.


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What is the Tipping Point?

Human beings are not livestock, to be forcibly herded, corralled, inoculated, and used.  They are free autonomous beings.

A population is in danger when its leaders “bait-and-switch”, installing themselves with grandiose powers, instituting their own personal agendas and abusing the funds of the hard-working taxpayer.  Taxpayers generally have no opposition to paying taxes and expect to pay their share for their country’s infrastructure.  But when tax dollars are syphoned off by the billions and used for a leader’s external ambitions, or extraneous pet projects, citizens are justifiably outraged.  This citizenry-affront arises because of a leader’s failure to remember that taxes are not government money; taxes are monies entrusted by taxpayers to the government to work on their behalf.

A population is also in danger when its leaders try to stifle or psychologically muzzle them.  When people are coerced into a new governmentally subscribed vocabulary, to the point of some words and phrases being prohibited by law, a population is in peril of losing one of its most basic and treasured liberties – free speech.  When mandated indoctrination replaces free expression, all forms of discourse; humour, debate, opinion, and even simple conversations are jeopardized.  This is authoritarianism at work.

The question arises, as to what level does a society sink before it completely succumbs to full-fledged authoritarianism?  How far does neo-despotism have to go before it is widely noticed and challenged by a majority?  What has history demonstrated?  What is the tipping point between a population’s begrudging-acquiescence and open societal conflict? These are just a few of the issues and questions people in the free western world are now having serious conversations about.



Entryism” is a political tactic used by radical groups to infiltrate larger, more acceptable organizations and gain power.  The most famous example is the “French Turn” a tactic recommended by Trotsky to take over French labour unions in the 1930s.  Those practicing “Entryism” hid their real identity in order to take over.  In other words, they pretended to be something else: center leftists, benign socialists, anything but Trotskyites.

They joined French workers’ organizations so they could push them towards Trotskyism through stealth and intimidation.  The question for our time is  “Is Entryism still happening?”  If you define it in broader terms than Trotskyism, the answer is yes.  For example, in the United States, leftists have changed the Democrat Party and pushed it toward Socialism.  It isn’t the old Democrat Party anymore.  It is the party of “The Squad,” all of whom are socialists and radicals. Entryism worked.

Locally, we would be well advised to watch for entryism in all its forms.  If an organization talks about collectivism, communalism, redistribution and breaking down free enterprise, then Entryism may be at work.  The most important thing to remember is that “Entryites” are not going let you know their real purpose.  That is the danger.  American socialist Norman Thomas said, in 1944:  “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism.  But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America (sic) will be a socialist nation, without ever knowing it happened.”   Entryism at its finest.

“Castle Canuck” ….. a parody

Mesmerized by fancy socks, puffy words, promises of legalized drugs, and free stuff, one third of a Kingdom was propelled to vote the village idiot in as Emperor.  Another group, downtrodden for various reasons, of their own volition or otherwise, propped up this first group, like dancing jesters performing in the castle, hoping for scraps and favours.

A third group, disgruntled, and wanting to be free from the confines of this entire royal confederation holed themselves up behind a pale of their own making, even though they opened the door readily to accept handouts for doing absolutely nothing.

Then there was the sprinkling of supercilious underlings, who jostled for position, with no hope of ever securing elected status, nipping at heels and stealing votes on all sides for their own egos because they flatly refused to get along with any of the others.

Alas, this left the last group, a quiet popular majority, standing outside the castle walls looking in at the chaos.  They did not ask for handouts, nor did they dance.  They merely desired to work for their own autonomy and self-determination but, none the less, were disliked by all the others.

What a strange rag-tag and disconnected group, for which the Emperor, naked as he was, could not reconcile.  “You ask for too much!” he cried while throwing their hard earned money to the wind, and insisting they now use only the newly approved words.

Thus, was the Kingdom of Castle Canuck, a sad and royal mess to behold.  Then the plague arrived…….

The Transition Network

What is The “Transition Network” ?

The Transition Network is a global organization appearing to disguise itself as an environmental movement “transitioning” from “Peak Oil” to alternative energy. It was founded by Rob Hopkins, a U.K. activist, in Totness England in 2007. It presents itself as compassionate, enlightened, and progressive, but once you research the organization and discover its underlying principles, you soon learn that it is not.

It is in 50 countries, including Canada, and plans to turn communities in those nations into “Transition Towns.” Victoria, Duncan, and Nanaimo have all been certified “Transition Towns.” Becoming a Transition Town means that the Transition Network provides collectivist practices and politics according to a well-established plan. They do not present themselves as Marxist, but their principles are far left and often directly Marxist.

Communalism and collectivism, as well as re-education, are fundamental practices of the Network. These are, of course, Marxist strategies.  Some local activist special interest groups deeply imbedded in Cowichan Valley politics, are connected to the Transition Network. Declaring “Climate Emergencies” and receiving grants and funding for their leftist education programs is fundamental to their work.

The Transition Network is anything but benign. Although they present cleverly, they have a well documented and formulated plan to alter our society beyond recognition along “green” “collectivist” and Neo Marxist lines. Like so many other similar organizations, the Transition Network’s collectivist mandate is a threat to free enterprise.