An Attitude of Entitlement

Having an attitude of entitlement tends to make a person unlikeable and therefore socially isolated.  In this isolated state there is a propensity to blame others and claim victimhood, often to the detriment of true victims.  With a romanticized idea of a life that was not achieved, feelings of persecution, or a burning zeal to “share other peoples’ stuff”, these false victims band together, and their appetite for funding is relentless.  To keep the money flowing their way, the victimhood narrative must be continuously repropagated.  The social net in many cases is being exploited by these people, taking advantage of a poorly designed system.  In essence, the constant procurement of funds has become an emotional shakedown of the taxpayer.

Over the past several years, even the model to care for true victims has become a bloated layering of interceding bureaucracies, leaning more toward harm-reduction than being solutions-based, which encroaches into the periphery of enabling undesirable situations.

It appears taxpayers are being partially deceived and half informed.  What many have not yet grasped is that a segment of the population has tossed aside the pride of self-sustainability and personal responsibility, replacing it with an unabashed dependency on others – without the unsuspecting benefactors’ informed consent.

Ultimately, the attitude of being entitled to the fruits of another person’s life is a bizarre notion, considering that the unwritten civil contract humans have evolved to expect, with few exceptions for true charitable causes, dictates that psychosocial arrangements are to be reciprocal and earned.

True Woke Justice

It seems to have happened overnight that eight hundred years of jurisprudence has been trashed. The concept of Due Process been replaced by social media spectacles featuring the destruction of lives and careers. No suggestion of substantiation to charges is demanded by media outlets and, more importantly, their subscribers. 

This is now a nation where accusation equals conviction, and outcomes are made absolute despite the absence of sustaining evidence. Unproven allegations are dropped from the news pages but live for ever in the vastness of the Twitterverse, leaving nothing but personal ruination in their wake. 

The witterings of a few sad internet trolls are converted by lazy minded politicians into a new form of Original Sin and heaped as obligations on the taxpayer. The Judiciary, hitherto a check on ill-considered legislation, now follows a meandering path dictated by politically correct inspirational muses and now requires people to identify themselves by their self-arrogated pronoun of choice. 

The saddest aspect of this deteriorating society is that its Woke instigators are the grandchildren of the survivors from the Second World War generation. It was they who went ashore in Sicily and, later, Juno Beach and returned to create a civilization providing wealth and justice for all.  Their reward is to find that those whose world was their legacy have adopted the values of the people they fought to defeat. 

Woke brigades have invented systemic injustices inherent in Western civilization. This civilization, it is held, is a skein of oppression and genocide that must be torn down in its entiretyTo impose this idea on others, the Woke use the tactics of mob harassment, hysterical denunciation, and most of all, the weaponization of cancel culture to deprive people of their platforms, livelihoods, and reputation. (1)

Democracy usually provides a ready means for the disposal of unsatisfactory functionaries, and for that reason, popular logic says we always have the government we deserve. The Woke forces have found ways to circumvent society’s safety valves. They have targeted non-government regulatory bodies including university administrations, churches, municipal bodies, and professional standards organizations which all serve as platforms to preach their cause and from which they are difficult to dislodge. 

Their presence is a world-wide issue and Canada is not alone in needing to find a way to take back its way of life. In the United Kingdom, the Reclaim Party stands for freedom of speech, thought and inquiry. (It) stand(s) in support of broad and reasoned debate for all. (It) stand(s) against censorship and the emerging trend of extreme political correctness. (It) stand(s) to Reclaim the values of freedom, fairness and common sense.(2)

In the United States, an American couple’s frustration with woke ideology at their child’s school led to the recent formation of The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR), a nonpartisan organization “dedicated to advancing civil rights and liberties for all Americans, and promoting a common culture based on fairness, understanding and humanity.”  (3)

Here, with any luck at all, we can re-establish our society with voters moving back to re-assert control of their schools, churches and municipalities armed with the common sense that lay at the base of their founding. If we cannot, it will be a very hard push to find other ways of dispersing this hostile mob. 

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“Castle Canuck” ….. a parody

Mesmerized by fancy socks, puffy words, promises of legalized drugs, and free stuff, one third of a Kingdom was propelled to vote the village idiot in as Emperor.  Another group, downtrodden for various reasons, of their own volition or otherwise, propped up this first group, like dancing jesters performing in the castle, hoping for scraps and favours.

A third group, disgruntled, and wanting to be free from the confines of this entire royal confederation holed themselves up behind a pale of their own making, even though they opened the door readily to accept handouts for doing absolutely nothing.

Then there was the sprinkling of supercilious underlings, who jostled for position, with no hope of ever securing elected status, nipping at heels and stealing votes on all sides for their own egos because they flatly refused to get along with any of the others.

Alas, this left the last group, a quiet popular majority, standing outside the castle walls looking in at the chaos.  They did not ask for handouts, nor did they dance.  They merely desired to work for their own autonomy and self-determination but, none the less, were disliked by all the others.

What a strange rag-tag and disconnected group, for which the Emperor, naked as he was, could not reconcile.  “You ask for too much!” he cried while throwing their hard earned money to the wind, and insisting they now use only the newly approved words.

Thus, was the Kingdom of Castle Canuck, a sad and royal mess to behold.  Then the plague arrived…….