The Transition Network

What is The “Transition Network” ?

The Transition Network is a global organization appearing to disguise itself as an environmental movement “transitioning” from “Peak Oil” to alternative energy. It was founded by Rob Hopkins, a U.K. activist, in Totness England in 2007. It presents itself as compassionate, enlightened, and progressive, but once you research the organization and discover its underlying principles, you soon learn that it is not.

It is in 50 countries, including Canada, and plans to turn communities in those nations into “Transition Towns.” Victoria, Duncan, and Nanaimo have all been certified “Transition Towns.” Becoming a Transition Town means that the Transition Network provides collectivist practices and politics according to a well-established plan. They do not present themselves as Marxist, but their principles are far left and often directly Marxist.

Communalism and collectivism, as well as re-education, are fundamental practices of the Network. These are, of course, Marxist strategies.  Some local activist special interest groups deeply imbedded in Cowichan Valley politics, are connected to the Transition Network. Declaring “Climate Emergencies” and receiving grants and funding for their leftist education programs is fundamental to their work.

The Transition Network is anything but benign. Although they present cleverly, they have a well documented and formulated plan to alter our society beyond recognition along “green” “collectivist” and Neo Marxist lines. Like so many other similar organizations, the Transition Network’s collectivist mandate is a threat to free enterprise.

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