Whitewashing History

One of the earliest memories most of us have is of our mothers telling us not to lie. Mothers give good advice, and this is probably their best. It applies to everything, but most especially to our history. A nation’s history is sacred. Tampering with it for political purposes is unforgivable. Apart from being dishonest, whitewashing history is also a weapon, and these days it is being used by the left to change everything.

There’s no shortage of examples. The distorted condemnation of John A. MacDonald, removing statues, replacing the people on money with others less important who serve your purposes, the 1619 project in America, examples are endless. Eventually, if it happens enough, people become brainwashed. Their history means nothing to them or, even more tragically, they believe propaganda and their history disappears. The Russian people know all too well how that worked.

It is up to the proper authorities to give us an accurate view of history. But it is up to us to insist on it. When their so called “history” doesn’t match our memories then we know they are lying. When that happens, we must call them on it. The official name for what they are doing is “historical revisionism”, but it should be called “strategic lying.” It is wrong. Some may not like authentic history, but they have no right to distort it. Everyone is advised to embrace the real historical record. It is just better that way.

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