Communist Stealth

Communism seldom announces itself, nor does it walk through the front door waving it’s banner.   It always arrives by stealth, in disguise, slithering through a crack in the back door.   It invites itself to sit at your table and drink your tea, all the while politically corrupting your children under the buffet.   It mollifies with gifts as it connives to steal them back, just as it connives to steal your inherent freedom.

As it distracts you, it infiltrates your governmental bodies, charity foundations, and international banking systems in its quest to subjugate and dominate from all angles.   In its triumph, it will install its flag over your house.

Communism does not seek equality, it seeks equity;  your equity – for redistribution.   The equity you’ve worked a lifetime to build, the sacrifice of your sweat and time; for the love of your family.   This confiscation is to be given to others “according to their need” regardless of yours.   But who is the “Grand Decider” in all of this?   It doesn’t say, because it never says, and the plan will not be uncloaked until it is too late.   Unfortunately, by that time the free-market system is a distant memory and you will have already become “comrade” in  the Great Collective.

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