The Time for Unity

It is time for all conservative-minded Canadians to come together in a “Grand Coalition”. Their opponents: those left-wing and liberal progressives, know how the Right thinks. The Leftists know that conservative-minded individuals are of strong mind and often do not conform; thus, frequently avoiding “Big Tent” movements.   In a way that is good, but there is a downside. Because of this tendency, any movement undertaken often ends up being fractionalized, something that ultimately weakens it. Getting any strong-willed people to see the strategic “big picture” can be difficult. Leftists seem more willing to follow the party line laid out for them, submitting their will to a larger organization and its aims, and this has its advantages in terms of numbers and momentum, if nothing else.

Those on the Right do not need to be like the Left and should not be, but conservatism ought to come together as a movement.  If it is going to gain and keep power, it needs to think as one, and think strategically. That means forgiving the odd difference of opinion or policy to gain victory. It can be difficult to agree with something that contradicts one’s beliefs, but it may be necessary to do so in the interest of a greater good.  With the left using “woke culture” to radically alter society’s values, now might be the time to consider forming a coalition of all those who hold traditional common-sense beliefs and principles, even if all do not agree on everything.

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