The Connotative Word

The word “Fascist” has become the Left’s new label for “Heretic”.  It is a negative branding, a type of secular excommunication reserved for those who prefer Free Market Capitalism, and do not fall in line with extreme Leftist views.  As Jonah Goldberg suggests, the other ‘isms’ the Left uses in their efforts to grind down their opponents, are for the same purpose, “… but have less elastic meaning.  Fascism however is the gift that keeps on giving” (1)    This is because of the word’s association to historical genocide.  It is a label packed full of evil connotation.

The strange thing is that those leaning to the Left, shouting this word to people with whom they disagree, seem to have mysteriously forgotten the evolution of Fascism, and themselves fit the very definition of Fascist, that nuance they venomously spit as a slur to others.   For example, Emilie Gintile explains;  Fascism is “….a mass movement, that combines different classes but is prevalently of the middle classes, which sees itself as having a mission of national regeneration, is in a state of war with its adversaries, and seeks a monopoly of power by using terror, parliamentary tactics and compromise to create a new regime, destroying democracy.”  (2)

Canadians have felt the slow and quiet reverberations of Leftism over the last few decades, but the crescendo has now become loud and clear.  It appears Canada is currently in a state of a ‘Leftist-siege’ and the definition of the word ‘Fascist’ may have also become a casualty, as well as a Leftist weapon.

(1)  Jonah Goldberg, “Liberal Fascism”, 2009, p4

(2)  Stanley G. Payne, “A History of Fascism 1914-1945”, Madison University of Wisconsin Press, 1995, p5

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