History Repeating

The Left-wing ideologues will tie in with any organization that appears to be against “The Man”.  They infiltrate for the purposes of forwarding their agenda, and what happened to the BLM movement is a perfect example of this.  If they cannot overtake, they will create chaos and confusion, disintegrating and transforming any original peaceful rally to their own purpose.   Antifa does this spectacularly.

They have effectively adapted themselves into the environmental movement, spanning the energy sector, resource extraction, manufacturing, and agriculture.  They have infiltrated the ‘super-structure’; the schools and universities, policing, hospitals, prisons, and government.  They are now in the process of trying to control speech and thought.

The tactics are outlined in the Communist Manifesto, and it is a well laid-out plan for world domination.  Initially, everything in the grand transformation is packaged as benevolence, as it malevolently seeks full control of the most intricate details of everyday life.  Self-sufficiency and self-reliance are not necessary because ‘the state’ will be in control.

The question they fail to address however is;  just who exactly will be in charge?   Even Vladimir Lenin discovered this to be an issue and is why he instituted “The Vanguard Party”; the grand committee of overlords.  As Lenin decided, “it will be a government FOR the people, not BY the people.”  Stalin took that idea to a whole unthinkable level, followed by Mussolini, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot.

As history folds back onto itself, it is the duty of Elders who have knowledge and experience of such things to explain the dangers to the younger generations.

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