Canada’s Election 44

Election 44 seems to be more about the personal political needs of one individual Canadian than the needs of the (approximately) thirty-eight million other people who call Canada home.  It is about spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars frivolously, on an unwanted and unnecessary election, at a time of financial and medical crises.  The current circulating opinion is that full unadulterated majority, i.e., control, is what is sought, as this is what is needed to unfold and implement a specific agenda upon the nation.

Canadians have not been privy to the game plan, but a handful of recent Bills, ‘lying in wait’ in the House of Commons, spell out some of what is to come if the current administration is not held at bay.

It appears to many Canadians that the current Liberal government is not working hard for the struggling taxpayer, but instead is playing political charades, aggressively vote-pandering to the uninformed and special interest groups, (possibly with the intentional help of select media) in order to stay in office for its own self-fulfilling purpose.  In its truest sense of the term, this is not democracy at work.  It is the duty of Canadians to educate themselves of the facts and address this on September 20, 2021.