Strong Leadership Required

The current Federal government still appears to be more interested in itself and UN initiatives than in doing its job.  The difference between governing and ruling seems to be perpetually lost on them.  Citizens are forgiven for seeing this administration as an increasingly intrusive and bloated bureaucracy (aristocracy?) that taxpayers are forced on fear of penalty, to pay for.

More government, and more government interference in peoples’ lives is the problem, not the solution.    “We are not so nasty that we need to be tamed by intrusive government, nor so nice that too much government does not bring out the worst in us, both at its employees and its clients.” (1)

Compounding this overburden are the ubiquitous and heavily funded NGO’s profligate infiltrations into community organizations and civic councils.  NGOs not only lobby government, they are now effectively also lobbying the masses into conformity.  Conformity to agendas that trend prominently toward Communist ideals.

Ordinary hard-working people go along, assumedly, because they do not take the time to study the bigger picture.  The Pied-Pipers of Marxism have discovered that when their collectivist initiatives are cloaked in good deeds, they are difficult for kind-hearted people to resist.  Appealing to emotion is a well-known sales tactic, and the strategy is proving to be exceedingly effective.

To make matters worse, for decades, uninformed citizens, if they voted at all, have voted for “stuff for themselves” at the ballot box.  Tragically, politics have morphed into a popularity contest where a myriad of gifts are promised in exchange for votes.   As each new “gift” is implemented, another layer of bureaucracy seems to mysteriously appear – at the expense of the taxpayer.

This is a hot mess that will likely require exceptionally strong leadership, discipline, common sense, and a properly informed population, to set right.

(1)  Matt Ridley 1996, The Origins of Virtue