For Christmas; A Sense of “Village”

Somewhere in the mists of time we all seem to harbour some idea of “Village”.  The Community Hall, the Church, the Schoolhouse, and a common cohesive civility.  For the conservative-minded person, the sense of self-reliance and desire for self-sufficiency is etched into DNA over millennia and is still felt, as is felt a profound reluctance to fail or be burdensome upon others.  Some might call this a pioneer ideology, a yearning nostalgia of all things straightforward and simple, but in reality, it is just about being a responsible human.

What we are experiencing in our yearning for “Village” is the psychological character of a bygone era, not the hard physicality of the old days.  It is a trace of emotion that has faded from the collective consciousness, and as such can no longer embrace us, and nothing cloaked upon our psyche has replaced it. What we are experiencing is mass cultural alienation and a feeling of loss.

As a society, how did we lose our resolve and become complacent?  When did we embrace mediocrity and political correctness?  Why did we allow our traditions to falter?  How did government become the head of our households?  These are the questions Canadians need to address in order to regain their sense of self and culture.

This Christmas season let’s share with each other the generous gift of hope that we can once again find our “Village” and enjoy the calm that we all yearn for; of family, friends, familiarity, and peace.  We are blessed to have each other.

Merry Christmas everyone!