Propaganda versus Truth

On Race:  Leftist identity politics divides people into categories based on identifiable differences, such as race, instead of along traditional broad-based party lines.  Based on  those contrasts, the Left assigns rules based on where each person fits into their perceived oppression hierarchy.  For people on the Right, skin colour is irrelevant.  

On Speech:  For the Left, words that prove them wrong are a form of violence and should be outlawed or silenced by force.  People on the Right who may not agree with that ideology will still defend the Left’s right to voice it. 

On Property:  The Left feels entitled to “other people’s stuff” and will engage governmental bureaucratic force to try and get it.  On the Right, Adam Smith’s philosophy still reigns in that a person owns themselves and all fruits of their labour. 

On the Environment:  For the Left, the sky is always falling, which leads to extremist actions such as the Christchurch shooter (1), the El Paso Walmart shooter (2), and the Unabomber (3).  All were done in the name of saving the environment.  Those on the Right depend on empirical evidence in their decision making, not misconstrued ideas and self-righteousness. 

On Family:  The Left leans on government for parenting.  The Right believe autonomous self-sufficient strong families are what lead to successful children.

On Science:  For the Left science appears cherry-picked from Left-wing gurus. For the Right, it is the systematic observation, measurement, experiment and formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.  Skepticism is a fundamental part of science. 

1 – Christchurch and El Paso shootings.

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