Green Proxies

Some think the rhetoric around the overused and ill-defined term, “climate change” is really a means to  “total global governance” under the UN agenda, and they are excused for thinking so.  Along with the term’s colloquial cousin, the “existential threat”, the slogans appear as proxies; tools used to achieve an end.

Being environmentally conscious is a good thing, and many people are even on board with paying a carbon-tax to accommodate emissions control.  But true environmentalists should be outraged (and some are) over what appears to be the psychological abduction of human emotion, around the topic of atmospheric conditions, in a quest to satisfy an unspoken end-game of dominance over every aspect of their lives.

If one cares to “look at the science”, (a phrase those with self-imposed moral superiority tout continuously, and sometimes vociferously), one will see that earth’s climate has been cyclical in nature since the time before Gondwanaland.  The example of the Holocene warming period and inter-glacial epochs demonstrate convincingly that the left-wing science of an impending “manmade climate-catastrophe” is manipulated data.  For example, Alaska was once, on average, at least three degrees warmer than it is today.

Unfortunately, climate hysteria is escalating as it is continuously relayed through a myriad of media sources day after day, and dutifully regurgitated.   Becoming an ingrained mantra, it has solidified into mass consciousness.   People, who in the past, were well-equipped to question almost everything, now appear afraid, or intellectually incapacitated from questioning anything, especially when it comes to the term “climate change”.