Protestors Unreasonable

Loggers at Fairy Creek on Vancouver Island say, “We have had enough!” referring to the antics of recent protestors.  Carl Sweet of ‘The BC Forest Alliance’ has come out in defense of the loggers saying that activists were deliberately and strategically provoking forestry workers at their place of employment.

The video recently circulated on social platforms is what the activists wanted, and the media took the bait.  Carl Sweet stated; “I think the media is enabling the misinformation of what is happening in the BC forest industry.  These are hard-working people who go home to their family every day, and the environmentalists are taking it to the next level.”

The BC Forest industry is one of the most technically advanced and environmentally conscious tree-harvesting industries in the world.  But that is the opposite of what radical groups convey.

With silviculture mandated and strictly controlled, the forests are a sustainable resource.  Overall, it is a very well-managed system.  The AAC is strictly controlled by government, and cut blocks are not random.  They are specifically defined by accredited individuals, taking into consideration, among other things, terrain, hydrology, and habitat sensitivity, leaving designated wildlife corridors intact.

Logging roads are designed by qualified Professional Engineers and decommissioned when no longer in use.  This too is controlled and monitored.

There are riparian rules, cultural protection rules, work-safe rules, and union adherence to attune to, along with weather constraints and fire seasons to consider.

From stump to dump, all participants are trained licensed, insured, and united under a common purpose that allows many people to feed their families and contribute to the social net; in some cases, the very social net that environmental activists are eager to draw from.

Professional Registered Foresters


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